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Nethereum tutorials using Xamarin workbooks

“Xamarin Workbooks provide a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides and teaching aids.” For more info and installation requirements go to the Xamarin Workbooks web site

Workbook sample

The table below provides Download links to Nethereum workbooks:

Workbooks list

Workbook Description File
Nethereum Getting Started Test Chain Learn a few simple interactions with a local Test Blockchain Workbook
Nethereum Getting Started Infura How to connect to the Infura blockchian and retrieve the balance of an account Workbook
Nethereum Getting Started Nodesmith How to connect to Ethereum using Nodesmith and get the latest block Workbook
Smart Contracts integration Learn how to create an account using a private key. Deploy a smart contract using handlers, Send a transaction to the smart contract. Make a query call to the a smart contract. This workbook uses typed contract definitions Workbook
Events, Logs and Filters Learn how to decode events from transaction Workbook
Message signing Learn how to cryptographically sign messages and verify signatures Workbook
Creating A New Account Using Geth Create a new account with Geth Workbook
Using Nethereum managed accounts Learn how to simplify private key management with ManagedAccount Zip package
Managing Hd Wallets Learn how to generate and use Hd Wallets Workbook
Chain Id Management Learn how to protect your code against replay attacks Workbook
Estimating gas Learn how to Estimate the gas cost of a contract transaction Zip package
Managing Nonces Automate nonce management with Nethereum Workbook
Understanding receipt statuses Learn how to retrieve and understand transactions receipt statuses Workbook
Unit conversion Convert Ethereum currency units Eth\Gwei\Wei using Nethereum methods Workbook
Getting Started With Smart Contracts (untyped) Learn how to create an account using a private key. Deploy a smart contract. Estimate the gas cost of a contract transaction. Send a transaction to the smart contract. Make a call to a smart contract. Retrieve the state of a smart contract from a previous block. This workbook uses untyped contract definitions Workbook
Events polling (untyped) Learn how to poll events with Nethereum Workbook
Questions or feedback? You can discuss issues and obtain free support on Nethereum Discord channel.