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Nethereum Blockchain Processing library enables you to read data from the chain sequentially and do what you need with it

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What Nethereum BlockchainProcessing library allows you to do:

  • Store chain data locally for analysis, auditing or easy lookup
  • Trigger custom functionality based on chain activity
  • Respond to chain events to drive specific functionality
  • Populate a search index based on chain data

This Nethereum BlockchainProcessing enables you to plug in your own functionality whilst it deals with the chain data navigation and conversion.

Built on core Nethereum libraries: * Proven Ethereum integration * Easy data decoding * Easy data mapping * On-going updates and support

Processing Options

There are two main options to process chain. It’s really important that you consider your needs before choosing one.

  • Event Driven (Event Log Processing)
  • Block and Transaction Driven (Blockchain Processing)

Event Driven (aka Event Log Processing)

Event Driven is typically the most popular. It targets event logs first. It’s a lot faster as you target the events you want instead of trawling through lots of potentially irrelevant transactions. Once you have an event log you can then retrieve the transaction if you need it.

Event Log Processing

Block and Transaction Driven (aka Blockchain Processing)

It crawls blocks, transactions and event logs. You can filter out irrelevant data but it still has to be retrieved from the chain before being filtered. Therefore it can be slow. This is sometimes used to create a copy of all or a subset of chain data. It’s also used where the transactions you are monitoring do not emit events.

Blockchain Processing

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