Nethereum code generation using the Console application


A dot net core CLI tool which can be run in isolation or installed as a .net tool. It is especially useful for automated builds and integration scripts.

Source Code: []

Prerequisites: * Net Core 2.1

It currently supports a primary command called “generate” with the following sub commands:

Installing the console as a dot net tool (optional)

The example below installs Nethereum.Generator.Console as a global tool (-g) and references a local folder as a nuget package source (–add-source).

Installing the tool

dotnet tool install -g Nethereum.Generator.Console

Accessing the ‘Help’

  -h | -? | --help  Show help information

- from-abi Generates Nethereum code based on a single abi.

` Usage: generate from-abi [options]

Options: -cn | –contractName The contract name (Optional) -abi | –abiPath The abi file and path (Mandatory) -bin | –binPath The bin file and path (Optional) -o | –outputPath The output path for the generated code (Mandatory) -ns | –namespace The base namespace for the generated code (Mandatory) -sf | –SingleFile Generate the message definition in a single file (Optional - default is true) -? | -h | –help Show help information `


Create a folder and place your abi and bin files in it. Go to the folder in the command line.

Sample Compiled Solidity Files: * StandardContract.abi * StandardContract.bin

Invoke the generator with minimum args

Nethereum.Generator.Console generate from-abi -abi StandardContract.abi -o . -ns Sample.Ethereum

After code generation

Folder Contents - after code generation


This command searches for abi files within a project and generates Nethereum code based on them.

Generated code has namespaces and names which are based on the abi files and project structure.

Usage: generate from-project [options]

  -p | --projectPath   The full project file path or path to the project folder (Optional - default is current directory).
  -a | --assemblyName  The output assembly name for the project (Optional - can be infered from project).
  -? | -h | --help     Show help information


The example below generates Nethereum .net code from the StandardContract.abi in a .net project folder. These instructions require .net core 2.1 to be installed.

Sample Compiled Solidity Files: 1.StandardContract.abi 2.StandardContract.bin


copy and paste your abi and bin files into folder 3. Create a dot net class library:

dotnet new classLib 
4. Add Nethereum.Web3 as a dependency:
dotnet add package -v 3.0.0-rc1 Nethereum.Web3
5. Generate the code:
Nethereum.Generator.Console generate from-project
6. Build the code:
dotnet build 

Folder contents - after code generation.

Folder Contents - after code generation

Config driven generation

The from-project command will reference an optional config file for greater control over code generation.

If a file called “Nethereum.Generator.json” is present in the project directory, the generator will use those settings.

Example Nethereum.Generator.json config file.